Commercial Photo Gallery

Foam Blocks- Protecting Your Furniture AND Floors!

When we get a water call, one of the first things our technicians do when they arrive is putting all the furniture up on these foam blocks. This serves two purposes. The first being that it protects the feet of the furniture from moisture and water damage. The second purpose is to protect the floors. Wooden feet can leak its stain on to carpet, tile, and hardwood floors when sitting in water. These dense blocks keep your furniture and your floors safe while our team works. 

Moisture and Mold

Excessive humidity and moisture trapped in the ceiling of this South Florida condo building contributed to the growth of the mold seen here. 

Apartment Fire Part II

In this image, we can see the outline of the furniture and picture frames that were present during the fire in this South Florida apartment. The fire turned the white walls black with soot, that our team will need to remove due to the damage at the top of the wall. 

Practical Applications of Tenting

Here we see a good use of drying an area with tenting. This small shoe store had a water loss. While the walls were wet, no products were damaged and the store choose to remain open during the water damage mitigation. In order to help the store stay operational, our team sectioned off the affected area while the rest of the sales floor remained open. 

Surprise! It's Mold!

This Ft. Lauderdale water loss at a popular retail store turned into a mold remediation job after routine drywall removal exposed some potentially hazardous mold growth beneath the surface. This is why it's always better to hire a professional to handle any water damage, rather than try to dry it out yourself. You never know what's just under the surface. 

Water Cleanup On Carpet

Here we can see a hardworking crew member from SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North extracting water from the carpet in this office building. An employee at the office had left water on overnight and flooded three rooms. 

Overnight Drying

Water coming from their toilets caused some damage in the store's bathrooms. The cause of the leak was stopped, and the SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North crew left a large fan in the area to thoroughly dry the bathrooms before continuing with the mitigation.