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Unusual Problems That Hurricanes Can Cause For Your Property

11/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo over a background shot of the beach, with calm ocean and palm trees Most times sunshine... Some times storms...

Life is good in Ft. Lauderdale with its sunny beaches and beautiful homes but it can also hold hidden hurricane dangers for homeowners. 

Located on the southern coast of Florida, Ft. Lauderdale is a traditional spring break location and a draw for snow birds eager to soak up the year round warm weather.

Unfortunately, its coastal location also puts it in the danger zone for hurricanes and tropical storms

With high winds and heavy rains, hurricanes are among the most devastating natural disasters. Because they tend to hit the Florida coast regularly, it pays for residents here to be prepared for the potential damage hurricanes may cause.  Most homeowner’s policies cover hurricane related damage, but  it may be necessary to carry extra coverage for flooding.

When most people think of hurricane damage, they probably picture ripped up roofs and water logged basements.  While those are certainly common results of severe storms there are other hidden hurricane dangers that you may not necessarily have considered.

But it is important to be prepared for any potential issues in order to keep your property protected

Here are some hurricane related hazards that could threaten your Ft. Lauderdale home:

  • Storm Surge – Because hurricanes originate over the water and move inland the strong winds they contain can push water toward the shore. This is called storm surge and is one of the most prominent hurricane related hazards, especially when it coincides with regular high tides. When excess water moves toward shore it has nowhere to go but inland and that can cause severe flooding and may even be powerful enough to wash away parts of buildings or even entire homes.

  • Flash Flooding – Hurricanes can also cause inland flooding and if rainfall or storm surge amounts are large enough that can lead to flash flooding. As waters rise, they can wash away buildings, trees and other debris and possibly direct debris into your property. Rising waters can also cause severe erosion, which can undermine your foundation.

  • High Winds – Another severe hazard related to hurricanes are high winds. Hurricanes are classified by their wind speed and winds can reach well over 100 mph. In some cases, hurricanes can also trigger tornadoes, one of the more destructive hidden hurricane dangers a home owner can face.  Strong winds can damage roofs and even remove them entirely and they can turn common objects into dangerous projectiles that can cause property damage on impact. These high winds can even damage surrounding landscape, which can in turn lead to problems for your property.

When hurricane damage occurs it can seem devastating, but you are not alone. There are resources you can turn to in order to get your home back to normal, starting with the professionals at SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North.  We have the training, expertise and equipment to handle any problem, big or small, and as part of the Ft. Lauderdale community ourselves we understand what it’s like to rebuild after a hurricane strikes.

We’re ready to respond immediately, 24 hours a day and we’ll even help you deal with your insurance company so that you can get back to living the good life

So if you suddenly find yourself dealing with hidden hurricane dangers, be sure to call SERVPRO and let the professionals take good care of your home.

After A Fire - Call The Ft. Lauderdale Professionals

11/5/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage On Wall of Home Fort Lauderdale Florida Fire Damage on the side of wall

Protect Your Property After the Fire

One of the most terrible experiences a family can have is dealing with the aftermath of a fire.  The destructive force of a fire is life threatening.  Besides dealing with the safety aspects of surviving a fire catastrophe, many families face the harsh reality even more after the flames are put out. 

Fires don’t just damage homes and property, they leave damage within each and every one of us.

After the Fire Fighters, We Respond Fast

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North is here to help you and your family do as much as possible to prevent further damage after the fire.  Many involved in property fire incidents don’t realize that your home or business may still be in danger after the fire because of potential damage to the infrastructure of the building, so keeping safety in mind as you proceed is a major key.

As for the damage within the building, the first two days after the damage has occurred are the most sensitive to managing how much restoration can really help or not.  Because of this and the safety issue we mentioned prior, it is very important that you contact a professional immediately!  Our team at SERVPRO of Fort Lauderdale North is here to support you in your time of need.  After you call us, practice these tips to prevent further damage to your property:

  1. Don’t go in and out of the space, limit the movement to reduce the spread of soot particles
  2. If you must move through the structure, put clean towels or used linens on the high traffic areas or the furniture
  3. Do not wash any walls or painted surfaces
  4. Do not touch any electrical equipment
  5. Do not attempt to shampoo any carpet or upholstery
  6. You may coat chrome fixtures, trim and appliances of with petroleum jelly or oil
  7. If you have something like wood blocks or aluminum foil, you can place it between the legs of furniture and wet flooring or carpet to prevent more damage to the furniture
  8. Do not send clothing to the dry cleaners, improper cleaning can further damage the item

You have to get your life back to normal after a disaster, but if you attempt to clean up the damage yourself, you may cause more damage. We hope you never have to call us, but unfortunately, accidents and emergencies happen and when they do, we work hard for you to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Learn more about our team at SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North here:

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We've supported hundreds of families and businesses like yours before. You are not alone. Whether reactive or preventative, our team can jump into action to make sure things are a success.

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What Type Of Water Damage Is Covered By Insurance?

9/5/2020 (Permalink)

water and dirt on floor from washer overflow Water damage can also mean dirt and germs...

Water damage is one of the most common types of homeowner insurance claims, with statistics showing that as recently as 2017, insurance payouts for water damage totaled more than $13 billion. (

Despite the common occurrence of water damage, many homeowners are unaware of the fact that insurance companies don’t cover every specific type of damage.

In fact, there are certain general rules of thumb that govern what water damage is covered by insurance. 

Being aware of these rules before you purchase coverage can help you save money in the long run.

What Is Covered

According to the Insurance Information Institute, most homeowners’ policies cover damage caused by sudden or accidental sources. ( 

That can include any of the following:

  • Burst pipes caused by cold weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Accidental leaks, such as those caused by broken appliances.
  • Water damage after a fire, whether it is from the sprinkler system or firefighters’ hoses.
  • Water damage from a roof leak caused by accidental means like a tree falling on your roof during a storm.
  • Wind-driven damage from storms such as heavy rain or hail.

What Isn’t Covered

  • Water damage from neglect or lack of maintenance, including failure to fix plumbing problems, repair roofs, or keep the heat on during freezing temperatures.
  • Water damage from intentional acts such as setting fire to your home or intentionally shutting the water off.
  • Water damage from earthquakes, landslides or mudslides
  • Water damage from floods, hurricanes or tsunamis
  • Sewer main backups
  • Swimming pool or other structural leaks
  • Seepage through the foundation of a home
  • Water damage from a sump pump failure

Of course, knowing when is water damage covered by insurance is only half the equation.

Even in cases where water damage may be covered, most homeowner’s policies will not cover the cost of repairing or replacing the cause of the damage, such as buying a new dishwasher or washing machine.

Coverage will only cover mold removal if the water damage was covered by the policy, otherwise, any mold removal or remediation will come out of the homeowner’s pocket.

One of the specific areas people want to know about when asking is water damage covered by insurance is flooding.

While floods can be a major cause of water damage, standard homeowners’ policies do not cover flooding.

For flood protection, you’ll need a secondary policy that can be acquired through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

While asking about water damage is it covered by insurance is only natural, there are certain types of damage that won’t be covered. 

Since homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by neglect, it makes good sense to take care of your home so you can protect it from water damage.

Aside from addressing any obvious problems like leaks as soon as you notice them, other steps you can take to prevent water damage include:

  • Draining your water heater twice a year to prevent a buildup of sediment.
  • Installing smart water leak detectors that will notify you whenever a leak is detected and in some cases even shut off the water automatically to prevent damage.
  • Inspect the hoses of all of your appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers to make sure there are no cracks or other signs of wear and replace any worn or damaged hoses.
  • Regularly inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs. This may be the most important step you can take to protect your home as the majority of water damage in most homes stems directly from worn or damaged roofs.
  • Take steps to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze during winter months. This is particularly important for homes in areas that have harsh winters but it can be effective for any home. Keep your heat set to at least 50 degrees and wrap exposed pipes with some form of insulation.

In many cases, you can help to strengthen your claim by acting quickly to address the cause of water damage and mitigate the effects.

The best way to improve your case is by calling a professional water mitigation company like SERVPRO

The technicians at SERVPRO have extensive training and professional equipment and are guaranteed to respond immediately whenever disaster strikes.

Not only can this help to reduce the growth of hazardous mold and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible, but it can also help to give you peace of mind when it comes to filing your insurance claim and asking what kind of water damage is covered by insurance.

The professionals at SERVPRO are up to date on all of the requirements of the insurance industry and they can help you to be fully prepared when you file your claim so that you can get the best possible result every time.

Knowing what water damage is covered by insurance and having good insurance coverage for water damage can help protect your home against unforeseen problems and when it comes to your home you can’t be too careful.

That’s why you shouldn’t take any chances when disaster strikes and call the water mitigation professionals at SERVPRO to get you and your home on the road to recovery.

Any questions? Just give us a ring (954) 733-1006

What Is Water Damage Insurance And How Much Does It Cost?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

water on the floor coming from under a door Is this enough to call your insurance company?

Water damage coverage can be a complicated issue, but it is also one of the most important parts of any homeowners’ insurance policy. 

When you consider that every year one in 50 homeowners will file a water damage claim, you can begin to understand why having the best possible coverage is so important.

So while everyone can agree that it is crucial for every homeowner to have some sort of coverage for water damage, the intricate part of the equation is determining exactly what a specific policy covers and how much is water damage insurance

Costs can vary drastically from one company to another and depending on what specific type of coverage you opt to carry.

So what is water damage coverage on homeowners' insurance?

In general, most homeowners’ policies cover damage that is considered “sudden and accidental”.

This can include burst pipes, accidental leaks, and water damage after a fire. This doesn’t include damage from floods or other natural disasters, however, which will require separate coverage.

Damage that occurs through neglect or from intentional acts like turning your water off for the winter will not be covered. 

Even in the case of damage that is covered if your insurance company believes that the damage was made worse because you didn’t act quickly enough to mitigate it, they may refuse to cover it or cut back on the amount they pay out.

According to Forbes, the average cost of a water damage claim is $10,900 ( and with so many claims being filed each year, it’s easy to see why your insurance company might be hesitant to provide full payment on every claim.

So the more you can do to help your case, the better your chances of getting significant reimbursement

Of course, the amount of your deductible will affect how much you’ll get in return, as that cost will come off the top of your claim.

Also, the type of policy can affect how much you can get in a claim.

Cash value policies only guarantee the current value of your property, taking wear and tear into account, while a Replacement value policy will give you the full amount of a new item.

While specific policy prices can vary from company to company, when asking how much is water damage insurance the answer can depend on certain steps you can take to help reduce your costs.

You should always shop around and never be afraid to ask any relevant questions so that you can compare each company’s prices and know exactly what you’re getting.

In many cases, you can also save yourself money in the long run by raising your deductible. (

Since the amount you get from a claim can depend on how quickly you respond when disaster strikes, you can also help to save yourself money by hiring a professional water remediation company like SERVPRO. 

Not only can SERVPRO address your water damage thoroughly with our trained professionals and high tech equipment, but we can also help you file your insurance claim so that you can get the best possible result.

Who Should I Call For Water Damage In My Ceiling?

8/23/2020 (Permalink)

female manager in hard hat in front of a SERVPROtruck We are here to support you

Nothing is as troubling as the sight of water leaking from your ceiling.

If you’ve got a leak, or just have discoloration, bubbling or other damage to your ceiling without an active leak, you need to take action before the water damage gets any worse. 

When you’ve got water damage who to call can be the most important question of all.

The statistics on water damage are eye-opening.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaks in the average household can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year (, so even the most seemingly insignificant leak can eventually add up and knowing when to call water damage professionals can make a huge difference.

So what do you do if you notice a leak or other water damage to your ceiling?

The common instinct for most people is to call their insurance company first.

Obviously, when you have water damage when to call insurance is an important question, but in most cases that shouldn’t be your first consideration.

Even the smallest amount of damage can be serious, as it may signal a much more widespread problem.

For that reason, your first thought when you experience water damage to your ceiling should be to address the underlying cause of the problem as quickly as possible.

The faster you stop the leak or otherwise cut off the water source, the better your chances of mitigating your expenses.

In particular, you need to know who to call for water damage in the ceiling, walls, and floors so that you can begin addressing water damage quickly in order to prevent the growth and spread of mold.

Mold can affect a number of surfaces, including drywall and ceiling tiles, and once it appears it can begin spreading within 24-48 hours.

With this in mind, the EPA suggests that certain actions, including removing and replacing damaged ceiling tiles, should take place within that period. (

First Call The Pros

Since mold growth can be a severe health hazard, it is important that any water damage is addressed by a professional remediation company that is equipped to handle the job thoroughly.

Companies like SERVPRO have the training and expertise necessary to identify potential problems and take the proper steps to make sure that they are adequately addressed.

Using specialized equipment such as moisture meters, infrared imaging devices, heavy-duty dehumidifiers, and fans, the professionals at SERVPRO can detect water issues, stop them at the source and thoroughly dry out all surfaces.

They’ll also perform complete mold remediation to ensure that all traces of mold and fungus are removed from your home before they can spread and affect your family’s health.

When To File Your Claim

Insurance coverage for water damage can be a tricky proposition, as not all types of damage are covered by most homeowners’ policies.

You will undoubtedly want to contact your insurance agent once the immediate emergency has been addressed and when you do you should be sure to have all the necessary information at hand to help determine whether your damage is covered and how much money you’ll be able to recover.

Be sure to fully document every step of the process, including taking comprehensive before and after photos and keeping track of all of the bills for repairs and remediation.

The more evidence you can provide for your insurance agent, the better your chances of having a positive outcome for your claim, but it’s not guaranteed.

Most standard homeowners’ policies only cover damage that stems from sudden problems, such as a burst pipe, and they won’t cover damage that results from the gradual wear and tear that occurs over the life of your house. 

So if the damage to your ceiling resulted from a worn roof that you failed to maintain, you’ll likely be out of luck.

Don’t Get In Over Your Head

While it can seem overwhelming, when there’s water damage ceiling who to call can be an important factor because having the right response can keep you from ending up in over your head.

The important thing is to take the damage seriously even if it seems minor. While some damage may only require a quick DIY project, more often it is just a signal of more extensive issues beneath the surface and you need to treat the whole thing to keep the damage from building.

When water damage occurs to your ceiling, don’t hesitate to call in the pros

A professional water mitigation company like SERVPRO can keep your water emergency from getting out of hand and help return your home to its original condition so you can breathe easier.

With their extensive knowledge of the industry, they may even be able to help you file your insurance claim to improve your chances of getting positive results.

So don’t let a water damaged ceiling drive you over the edge, rely on SERVPRO to get to the heart of the problem, and prevent mold growth before it can affect your family’s health. 

When you have water damage who to call to prevent disaster can be the first step toward restoring your peace of mind.

(954) 733-1006

We cover all of Fort Lauderdale FL

What Will Water Damage Insurance Cover And How Much Do I Really Need?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

green SERVPRO truck We are here to help


There are a number of ways that water can damage your home, including burst pipes, ground seepage, sewage backups, and natural disasters like hurricanes or floods.

Not all instances will be covered by most homeowner’s policies so it’s important to understand what water damage to claim on insurance and what kind of coverage you really need.

When it comes to water damage what will insurance pay for is the first question most people ask

Most homeowner’s policies cover water damage that is sudden and originates inside the home.

This includes scenarios like burst pipes and water damage caused by the fire sprinkler system or by vandalism.

Damage that originates outside the home, such as water seeping in through the foundation or sewage main backups are generally not covered.

The other type of damage that is not covered by a standard homeowner’s policy is what is termed “gradual” damage

This is water damage that results from a lack of regular maintenance.

For instance, if your roof was in a state of disrepair and that lead to a leak, that wouldn’t be covered because you failed to maintain the condition of your roof.

There are additions, called endorsements or riders, that you can make to your standard policy to cover specific kinds of damage not directly covered.

Endorsements address things like mold/fungus and flooding or other natural disasters.

Whether you actually need these riders will depend on the area where you live and whether it is prone to severe weather conditions.

If you have any questions about how much water damage insurance do I need and what type you should get, you should talk with your insurance agent and be sure to ask about what type of policies are offered, what they cover and how much they cost.

Two specific areas that can be particularly challenging for homeowners are mold damage and flooding

You’ll want to pay specific attention to what is and isn’t covered in your home insurance in these areas and figure out when it comes to water damage what to claim on insurance.

Mold/Fungi Damage – In general, mold damage will be included in your home insurance only if it stems directly from a covered loss.

Because mold remediation can be expensive, most insurers will guard against these kinds of claims by either excluding or limiting coverage or raising premiums to cover it. (

Flood Damage – Flood damage is not covered by standard homeowner’s policies. In order to cover damage caused by flooding, you’ll need to have a separate flood policy, which can be obtained through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Flood insurance can be quite costly so it makes sense to determine if you are in an area that is prone to flooding before purchasing it. (

Water damage can be a real headache for homeowners, whether it is covered by your insurance or not

Fortunately, the professionals at SERVPRO have the training, expertise, and equipment to handle any problem big or small and help make your home safe again.

When it comes to water damage, the best thing you can do for your home has the right insurance coverage and call SERVPRO so you know you’re in good hands.

If you have questions?

We are always happy to help.

And we are standing by 24/7/365

Just call (954) 733-1006 and we will help you.


Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Mold Damage Restoration and Cleanup

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

Map of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Mold Damage Restoration and Cleanup Map of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Mold Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Nestled between Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is a charming seaside village whose name says it all.   

What’s not to love about sun, sand, and life on the water? Unless, of course, that water works its way into your home and business, bringing with it uninvited guests like mold and mildew.

At times like these, you need to trust the professionals at SERVPRO

 We’ve been serving the Ft. Lauderdale North area for years and are active members of the community so we know how enticing LBTS’ beautiful beach, sidewalk cafes, public places and frequent live music events are.  exactly what life can be like in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. 

We also know how much of a problem mold can be, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to handling any water-related emergency and providing full mold remediation services.  

What Can SERVPRO Do For You in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea?

Living by the ocean can be the best of all worlds, whether you’re enjoying the quaint shops or taking in landmarks like the Anglins Fishing Pier.

Everything about this community revolves around water, but water can become a problem too and that’s where we come in.

At SERVPRO, we’ve got the most up to the minute training and equipment to help us handle any kind of water damage.

We also know that mold growth can begin within 48 hours after initial water damage and can spread rapidly and cause a host of health problems, so it’s important to address it as quickly and thoroughly as possible. 

Since the remediation process can be more complex for commercial properties and family-owned businesses like Dr. G’s Pharmacy and P.J. Rossi Jewelers.   

Of course, water damage can be equally devastating in a private home and we take all of our customers’ needs to heart.

We guarantee speedy response 24 hours a day and once on site we’ll remove standing water, address any damaged materials and use our specialized equipment to thoroughly dry every surface so that any mold growth can be stopped at the source.

Is Mold Really A Problem?

For something so small, you’d be surprised at just how destructive mold can be.

It can grow on almost any surface, including fabrics, clothing, and upholstery and can spread its roots deep within the structure of your home or commercial building. 

Once it reaches the ventilation system, it can spread even quicker and become a real health hazard for anyone on the property.

Unfortunately, areas like Lauderdale-By-The-Sea with its warm, humid weather provide the perfect breeding ground for mold.

That’s why it’s particularly important to make sure you hire a professional water mitigation company like SERVPRO to handle cleanup after any water-related emergency, so you can be sure that any mold problem is being handled properly.

Don’t Just Remove…Remediate!

If you’re like most people you probably assume that when it comes to mold removal and remediation are the same thing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Removing mold means cleaning up any visible growth, which is important but may not be a complete solution.

Remediation treats the problem at the source, not only getting rid of visible mold but preventing future mold growth by thoroughly drying and treating beneath the surface of walls and floors and inside air vents.

SERVPRO provides complete remediation services for homes and commercial businesses in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea because we understand the kind of water damage common to this area and what is required to treat it.

We don’t want your property to suffer when water damage hits, so we’ll respond quickly and begin the remediation process right away.  

Since we’re members of this community too, we proceed with extra care, treating your home or commercial property as if it were our own.

That means doing more than just sopping up standing water and drying damp surfaces. We’ll also remove any damaged materials and either repair them or make sure they are safely disposed of. 

Water damage can be particularly complex for a hospitality related businesses  such as the Driftwood Beach Club, the Plunge Beach Resort or any one of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea’s other beachside hotels and resorts.

SERVPRO knows what it takes to address problems at these properties so we’ll use the same basic steps as we would for home mitigation and stick with the job until we’re satisfied that the problem has been completely resolved.

Whether we’re handling home or a business, we understand how important your property is to you. 

That’s why we use only the best professional equipment and ensure that all of our employees have the most up-to-date training so we can handle any problem, big or small. 

We’re dedicated to stopping mold growth at its source so that you and your family or customers can breathe easier.

Leave The Water Mitigation To Us

In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, the water should be part of the fun, not a costly problem. If you have a water damage problem that needs mitigation, don’t despair, call the professionals at SERVPRO. You can trust us to get the job done right every time so you can get back to enjoying the beach! 

Here to Help Neighbors in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea 

We are your neighbors so you have  probably seen us parked in El Prado  Park.   But because we are your local SERVPRO,  our being connected to the community is important to us.

We are an active member of the Lauderdale By The Sea Chamber of Commerce and are here to support the one-of-a-kind boutiques, the world class restaurants and welcoming hotels and resorts that make LBTS so attractive to residents and visitors alike.  

During the COVID pandemic, we’ve supported LBTS’s first responders and helped sanitize and helped sanitize the vehicles of the Broward Sheriff Office.    

Other professional groups that we are involved with include Leadership Broward, Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), Community Associations Institute (CAI), the South Florida Claims Association, and the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

More information is available at the LTBS Chamber Visitor Center or you can  visit us virtually on Google My Business or follow us on social media (#TYPOSERVPRO) to learn more. 

Or make one phone call to 954-733-1006, and we will be faster to your disaster. 

Water Mitigation Professionals You Can Trust

The water is an integral part of life in Lauderdale By The Sea but it can also become a real problem at times.

Whenever water damage strikes your home or business, you need to act fast and rely on the water mitigation professionals at SERVPRO.  

We’re a name you can trust and we’ll do our best to serve every member of our seaside community with care.

You can reach us at (954) 733-1006 

SERVPRO of Ft Lauderdale North is here to help.  We are SERVice PROfessionals and are ready to respond to your moment of misery

Oakland Park Mold Damage Restoration and Cleanup

6/26/2020 (Permalink)

Map of Oakland Park Mold Damage Restoration and Cleanup Map of Oakland Park Mold Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Located on Broward County’s Middle River, just east of the Atlantic Ocean,  Oakland Park is a charming city and is in the heart of the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. 

It boasts a thriving culinary district and a growing downtown, which when combined with its parks, shopping and other community amenities, make it a great place to live or visit in Florida.   

But being so close to water and living in the tropics also means dealing with water damage. 

Whether you’re in a private home or a business like 2 Lips Floral Design or Allied Kitchen and Bath, when water invades your space it can lead to all sorts of potentially costly hazards such as mold.

As members of the greater Ft. Lauderdale community ourselves, SERVPRO certainly understands how destructive water can be.

That’s why we offer a professional solution to all of your water mitigation needs.

We have the training, equipment, and personnel dedicated to address any water-related issues and restoring your property, whether it's your home or business.

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North Is Committed To Serving The Community

The secret behind our business is that we were customers before we became a opening a SERVPRO franchise, and as a result, we know first hand just how distressing water damage can be, both for homeowners and commercial business owners.

We also understand how water damage can be a particular concern here in Oakland Park, so we’ve made a commitment to respond quickly and thoroughly to any emergency.

Mold growth can begin within 48 hours after initial water damage and it can be happening even if you don’t see it, which is why it’s vital to begin the mitigation process as quickly as possible.

Since mold can be a serious health hazard, businesses like Funky Buddha and any of Oakland Park’s other restaurants and shops have to be particularly cautious about mold remediation and make sure the process is done right to protect their customers.

Not only does SERVPRO guarantee immediate response to any emergency 24 hours a day, but once we’re on-site we’ll employ the most state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your property is thoroughly dried and cleaned.  

We’ll even go below the surface by looking inside the walls and air ducts to prevent the growth and spread of mold.

Don’t Underestimate Mold

Mold is literally everywhere, both outdoors and indoors, so it is almost impossible to avoid. But since mold thrives in warm, humid locations it can be a particular problem in areas like Oakland Park. 

While mold spores can be microscopic they can cause a huge amount of damage and health problems, especially for families with children or seniors as well as individuals with compromised immune systems.

Mold may already be present in any dark, damp area such as a garage, attic, or closet but when water damage occurs it can spread even further and faster.

That’s why you need to address the problem as soon as you can so you can stay one step ahead of a mold infestation. 

Simply removing visible mold is only part of the equation; in order to thoroughly address it, you need complete remediation from trained professionals like those here at SERVPRO.

Can’t I Remove Mold Myself?

Removing visible mold growth is certainly possible and it is a good idea, provided you take all the necessary safety precautions. 

No matter how thoroughly you clean, though, you’re probably only scratching the surface. 

In most cases, visible mold is just one sign of a much larger problem and if you don’t address the mold growth beneath the surface, in walls or air vents, it can just continue to spread.

When it comes to mold you can’t afford to take chances, whether you’re a home or business owner.

We’ve serviced many homes and commercial businesses in Oakland Park so we understand the particular concerns that our topical weather can raise. That’s why we’re prepared to respond faster to any disaster and ensure that all traces of mold are removed from your residence or business.

We’ll see the job through from the initial drying process to the removal and repairing of damaged materials.

Then we’ll put our training and expertise to use to perform thorough mold remediation, paying particular attention to air vents, where mold can take hold and do the most damage to your property.

Once we’re sure that everything is completely clean we’ll use our professional-grade equipment to dry the entire affected area.

The remediation process can be much more extensive for commercial property but we’re prepared for that too.

As a fellow area business, we know how important it is to provide the safest, healthiest environment for your customers and that’s always our main goal. 

Of course, we’ll apply that same level of care to treating private homes, assuring that you and your family can breathe easier without fear of being affected by mold.

We understand the importance of community and want visitors and residents alike to enjoy everything that Oakland Park has to offer, from the culinary district to the beauty of landmarks like Jaco Pastorius Park.

That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that we’ve got the most up to date equipment and training to get the job done right.

Water Mitigation Professionals You Can Trust

If your Oakland Park home or business encounters water damage, don’t hesitate to start the mitigation process.

You can trust the water mitigation professionals at SERVPRO to respond right away and provide the service you need because we live here too so we know how you feel. 

We are members of the community.   Our owner, Tyrone Po, serves on the board of directors of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and he is active the with Chamber’s Oakland Park/Wilton Manors Uptown Council.   

As members of the community ourselves, we know how costly water damage can be so we’ll do everything we can to handle your problem and get you back in business again. (How to Choose The Best Water Mitigation Company in Fort Lauderdale)

We’re a name you can trust and we’ll do our best to serve every member of our community with care.

You can reach us at (954) 733-1006 

SERVPRO of Ft Lauderdale North is here to help.  We are SERVice PROfessionals and are ready to respond to your moment of misery

Wilton Manors Mold Damage Restoration and Cleanup

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

Map of Wilton Manors FL Mold Damage Restoration and Cleanup Map of Wilton Manors FL Mold Damage Restoration and Cleanup

“Life’s just better here” in Wilton Manors.  But as an island city, water damage and flooding can be issues that can cause trouble in paradise.  This is true for residential homes in the East Side, West Side, and Central Area neighborhoods, for commercial establishments along Wilton Drive or Dixie Boulevard and to the many guest lodgings like the Island Sands Inn.

No matter what type of building you have, once it becomes impacted by mold, it can become a costly problem it is not addressed and allowed to fester.  

That’s where the professionals at SERVPRO of Ft Lauderdale North come in

This is our community too, and we’re dedicated to solving any water mitigation problems you might have to ensure that your home or business stays safe.

That means going beyond the immediate water damage and providing full mold remediation to make sure that mold growth is stopped in its tracks.

Why Trust SERVPRO in Wilton Manors?

Water damage can be distressing, both for homeowners and commercial business owners, and that requires a quick and thorough response.

At SERVPRO of Fort Lauderdale North, we’ve got the desire, the training, and equipment necessary to respond to any water-related emergency and we provide immediate response 24 hours a day. 

We know what it’s like to be on the other end of those problems as customers ourselves and we take your concerns to heart.We work to reduce the stress, worry, and anxiety that you might experience. 

In your moment of need, we will be there 24/7, to provide you with extraordinary care and minimize the disruption that an emergency can cause to your life, home or business.

It’s important to remember that mold growth can begin within 48 hours after initial water damage so the sooner you begin the mitigation process, the better. 

This is particularly true for commercial properties like the famous To The Moon Marketplace or any of Wilton Manors many shops, restaurants, and clubs, where the mold remediation process can be considerably more complex and time-consuming.

Once the initial water damage has been addressed, we utilize psychrometry or the science of drying, to make sure that your property is thoroughly dried. 

If there is a mold problem that has been assessed, we will remove mold and use specialized equipment and engineering controls to prevent any further growth or spread.

What Makes Mold A Problem

Mold is everywhere in Florida, and one can not eliminate mold completely from a property.  

But mold can develop into a serious problem that can cause serious health issues and can spread from one room to another, particularly if it gets into the ventilation system of your home or commercial building, where it can quickly spread from one room to another.

Mold needs food and water to grow

Unfortunately, humidity in the air, a condition that we often find in Broward County, can provide mold with enough water to grow and spread.  

Mold thrives in any dark, damp area.  It can grow in places that you may not even to able to see, such as behind walls or within a ventilation system.  

Certain species can spread to fabric, clothing, and upholstery as well.   

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have a professional water mitigation company handle the clean up after any water-related emergency, to ensure that no residual moisture is left that can develop into a mold problem.  

“Killing Mold” vs. Remediation

The idea that bleach is able to kill mold is a myth. 

While dealing with surface mold, the use of bleach does not address membranes that lie beneath mold’s fuzzy growth. 

This is why professional remediators like SERVPRO will remove mold during its remediation process.  

We follow the standards and best practices from the S520, the standard and reference guide for professional mold remediation from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Remediation (the IICRC).  

We’ve serviced many homes and commercial businesses in Wilton Manors so we understand what it takes to treat and repair the kind of water damage common to this area.

We’ll be able to respond quickly at any time of night or day because we know how important it is to begin the remediation process immediately.

Once we’re on-site, we’ll do everything we can to make sure remediation is conducted safely, making certain that a dry standard has been achieved and removing damaged materials.  

We will use our professional equipment to ensure that any mold growth is stopped at the source.

Clean up of commercial properties similar to the Bona Italian Restaurant or Island City Stage can be more extensive, but it follows the same basic steps as home mitigation and you can be assured that we’ll treat your business with the utmost care while we minimize the potential impact on your business. 

We are members of the Wilton Manors Business Association and support group in the community such as WiltonArt and KID

As members of the community ourselves, we know how costly water damage can be so we’ll do everything we can to handle your problem and get you back in business again. (How to Choose The Best Water Mitigation Company in Fort Lauderdale)

We also know how important your family and your customers are to you and that’s why we use only the highest-grade professional equipment and ensure that all of our employees are well trained so we’re prepared to handle any problem we might encounter.  

No matter how big or small the job, we’ll stick with it until we’re confident that all traces of moisture or mold have been removed and the health threat is eradicated.

Water Mitigation Professionals You Can Trust

The water is an integral part of life in Wilton Manors but it can also become a real problem at times.

Whenever water damage strikes your home or business, you need to act fast and rely on the water mitigation professionals at SERVPRO.  

We’re a name you can trust and we’ll do our best to serve every member of our community with care.

You can reach us at (954) 733-1006 

SERVPRO of Ft Lauderdale North is here to help.  We are SERVice PROfessionals and are ready to respond to your moment of misery

Is Tamarac Ready for Biohazard Cleanup?

5/28/2020 (Permalink)

Two men dressed in Biohazard suits, gloves and facemasks prepare to tackle a biohazard spill. Ft. Lauderdale knows they can count on us to safely clean and restore biohazard spills.

Safe Biohazard Removal

The decontamination of a residence or commercial business must be handled with specialized training and experience to ensure that the biohazardous material is removed safely and disposed of properly according to OSHA and health regulations. Biohazard spills can occur for a number of reasons and can leave infectious and smelly deposits that can introduce harmful microorganisms into a structure. SERVPRO® of Ft. Lauderdale North wants the residents and business owners of Tamarac to know that we provide cleanup and restoration services to safely clean, deodorize and sanitize many types of biohazard spills.

Ready to Respond

When you contact us, we will ask a series of questions to help us determine the number of technicians and the type of equipment to send to immediately begin the decontamination and restoration process.  From the moment you call, we can be onsite within four hours and are on call 24 hours a day to respond to biohazard emergencies such as:

Call Us Today

No matter type of biohazard cleanup service you may require for your home of commercial business, SERVPRO® of Ft. Lauderdale North wants to help. We will restore your biohazard damage in Tamarac “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at 954-733-1066.

SERVPRO® of Ft. Lauderdale North is Independently Owned and Operated.